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Microsoft is worldwide powerful professional application, easy to access in speed with high quality. It is full of many advance features to create and share documents, files, resume, forms, templates, reports, E-books, audio and video etc.

Fix Microsoft office 365 Subscription

  • First you have to “click” on the right on “start”
  • Now “select” on “apps and features” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Search the application from the list
  • Now “select” on “modify” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Select online repair
  • Click repair Microsoft Support Phone Number

Renew Microsoft Subscription Microsoft Support Phone Number

  • Check the message in yellow box
  • If you see “renew your subscription”
  • Then “click” on “buy”
  • Follow the steps to renew the subscription online

Expired Microsoft Subscription Microsoft Support Phone Number

You will see the product deactivated Microsoft Support Phone Number

Microsoft Support Phone Number

  • Check the “warning” bar then if you see “subscription expired”
  • Now click on “reactivate”
  • Click on “buy” and then “select” the “enter” button

Turn off Auto Renew Microsoft office 365 Subscription

  • Go to the “Microsoft &subscription
  • Select on “ turn off auto renew” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Select the “confirm cancellation”
  • Now you will see the message of “your office subscription will not automatically renew” Microsoft Support Phone Number

Cancel Microsoft Office 365 Subscription

  • Go to the “Microsoft page”Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Sign in to your account Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Select on “menu”
  • Click on “service &subscription” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Select on “cancel” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Finally, “select” on the “confirm cancellation”

How to share Microsoft office 365 Home Subscription?

  • Open your browser
  • To open “Microsoft account” please sign in your account
  • Now go the “sharing” option
  • And “click’ on “select sharing”

Share Office Pop up

Invite from via Email

  • Enter your email and select on “invite”

Invite from via Link

  • Click on the “copy” to send the link

Invite from via Email

  • Click on the “invite”

Microsoft Customer Support Microsoft Support Phone Number

Customer support is the support which helps you to instruct and provide you the solution of your all technical errors.  Get 24*7 hours  solution instantly for the errors such as downloading subscription, password change or reset,  remove or cancel the subscription, issue in opening the page of subscription, issue in payments and billing, log in and logout issue, share all the issue and make yourself free and relax.

Microsoft Support Phone Number +1-877-701-2611 (Toll-Free).