Microsoft Support Phone Number

Contact Microsoft Support AlabamaMicrosoft Support Phone Number

Microsoft is worldwide powerful professional application, easy to access in speed with high quality. It is full of many advance features to create and share documents, files, resume, forms, templates, reports, E-books, audio and video etc.

Fix Microsoft office 365 Subscription

  • First you have to “click” on the right on “start”
  • Now “select” on “apps and features” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Search the application from the list
  • Now “select” on “modify” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Select online repair
  • Click repair Microsoft Support Phone Number

Renew Microsoft Subscription Microsoft Support Phone Number

  • Check the message in yellow box
  • If you see “renew your subscription”
  • Then “click” on “buy”
  • Follow the steps to renew the subscription online

Expired Microsoft Subscription Microsoft Support Phone Number

You will see the product deactivated Microsoft Support Phone Number

Microsoft Support Phone Number

  • Check the “warning” bar then if you see “subscription expired”
  • Now click on “reactivate”
  • Click on “buy” and then “select” the “enter” button

Turn off Auto Renew Microsoft office 365 Subscription

  • Go to the “Microsoft &subscription
  • Select on “ turn off auto renew” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Select the “confirm cancellation”
  • Now you will see the message of “your office subscription will not automatically renew” Microsoft Support Phone Number

Cancel Microsoft Office 365 Subscription

  • Go to the “Microsoft page”Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Sign in to your account Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Select on “menu”
  • Click on “service &subscription” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Select on “cancel” Microsoft Support Phone Number
  • Finally, “select” on the “confirm cancellation”

How to share Microsoft office 365 Home Subscription?

  • Open your browser
  • To open “Microsoft account” please sign in your account
  • Now go the “sharing” option
  • And “click’ on “select sharing”

Share Office Pop up

Invite from via Email

  • Enter your email and select on “invite”

Invite from via Link

  • Click on the “copy” to send the link

Invite from via Email

  • Click on the “invite”

Microsoft Customer Support Microsoft Support Phone Number

Customer support is the support which helps you to instruct and provide you the solution of your all technical errors.  Get 24*7 hours  solution instantly for the errors such as downloading subscription, password change or reset,  remove or cancel the subscription, issue in opening the page of subscription, issue in payments and billing, log in and logout issue, share all the issue and make yourself free and relax.

Microsoft Support Phone Number +1-877-701-2611 (Toll-Free).

Office 365 Student Subscription

Microsoft Office Student Subscription Alaska USA

Office 365 Student Subscription

Microsoft office is so useful for students includes word, excel, PowerPoint, One Note on every devices like Android, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers or window devices. It has ability to handle all the conversation, apps and content at one place.

Features of Microsoft office 365

For Students

  • Comfort and collaborate on all devices and platforms
  • With modern tools for classroom
  • Digital notebook
  • Collaborate documents with audio and video
  • Improves reading skills
  • Create collaboration in the classroom and school staff
  • Easy to handle and work with a team

Eligibility required Microsoft Office 365 Student

  • A person should be a part or full time student in a school ,or college or an university)
  • He or she should have an email id which is given by school
  • The age should be 13 years old
  • And have the internet connection

Download Student Microsoft Office 365

Follow the steps given below

  • Open your browser and type the address (
  • Log in to your account , enter your email address and password
  • Now you will see the list of application
  • Click the application you want to install
  • Now “select” on the “install” at the top of the corner Office 365 Student Subscription
  • Now the file automatically downloads
  • Please “ select” on “save file”

Office 365 Student Subscription

  • Select on “Run”
  • Now “select” on “yes” to install the application
  • Make sure that you are online
  • Wait a few seconds to complete the installation
  • Activate the software when installation is completed
  • Follow the instruction very carefully and “click” on the “method” you want to “activate”

Office 365 Student Subscription

Customer Support for Office 365 Student Subscription 

Office 365 Student Subscription

Team is very sincere and dedicated to give the real information to the students because the student are future of the country. If you want any support and service for the issues such as renew office 365, problem in getting office 365, problem in using the plan, issue in managing the subscription, issue in migrating the files, documents and settings of the Microsoft office.

For Office 365 Student Subscription Call @ +1-877-701-2611 (Toll-Free)

Microsoft Phone Number

Microsoft Number for American SamoaMicrosoft Phone Number

Microsoft is a famous and most successful software for operating system also provides Microsoft office, OS, Microsoft windows and many other programs for the smart devices.

How to Buy Stuff from Microsoft Billing?

On Mobile

  • Open your Microsoft application
  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to “Microsoft store”
  • Now “click” on “buy”
  • Click on “get started”
  • Go to “add a way to pay or change”
  • Then go to “add a new payment method”
  • Click on the “mobile phone”
  • Go to the “list “and “click” on “ mobile operator”
  • Now type (phone number)
  • And “click” on “next”
  • Confirm and read the terms and payments details very carefully and “click” on “buy”
  • Finally add the payment options to mobile billing

Microsoft Phone Number

Use Money in Microsoft Account

  • Read the “regular purchase steps”
  • Now “click” on the “Microsoft account” Microsoft Phone Number

Exchange or Refund Items from Microsoft

To return a product

Follow these steps before returning your product

  • Go to “Microsoft Support” such as (windows 10, Xbox, office etc)
  • Click on “Microsoft store support” to track or cancel the order
  • Or go to “Microsoft community” and post a question

Status of Return and Refund Items from Microsoft

  • Sign in to your “account”
  • Go to the “order history”
  • Search your product with the status of return and refund

How to cancel order from Microsoft store 

    • Sign in to your account
    • Go to the “order history” and check the “history”
    • Search your order to cancel
    • Click on “cancel item”
    • Tick right on the item
  • Select on “cancel item”
  • You will receive the “cancellation confirmation email” so please confirm the email

Microsoft Customer Support Microsoft Phone Number

Customer support is service and support to provide all the solution with information correctly, efficiently and effectively of the errors and issues which you are facing while operating your system. 24*7 hours support with full dedication.

Call @ +1-877-701-2611 (Toll-Free)

How to Contact MSN Support?

Talk to MSN Customer Service @ Arkansas

MSN Software is a web portal of various application and dial up services. It is popular, private and secure online email service provider in every field used all over the world.

Method 1 : Accessing the Support page

  • Visit MSN Home Page – Go to Microsoft page to access the contact on your account. For accessing go to mail page 
  • Log in Your Microsoft account – Go to “upper right corner” you will see your account name, Sign in please. To log in type your full (email address and password)

  • Use “Help” to go to user support – Click on the “help” icon which is upper side of the corner. Now look to menu to pops out and “click” on “help”

  • Use FAQ links to answer basic questions – You will see headers “how to topics for MSN explorer”. Now “click” the arrow to see the list of questions then “click “ on “question link” to get more information and solve the issue

Method 2 : Calling MSN Support Staff 

  • Call “technical support” to solve the issue using the product. “Click” the “support” option on the page.

  • Click on billing support to discuss the payment issues – On “MSN support page” you will see 3 support option. “Select” the billing support for the issue regarding subscription for MSN products

Contact MSN Support

  • Press the call button to contact with customer support – “Click” on the “call me back”. Type the phone number in the box to set up the call

  • Use online chat on your computer – The “chat” option is under the “call” option, please “click it” to start

Method 3 : Use Community Forum 

Contact MSN Support

  • Visit the MSN community forums for support – Go to the “forums” by “clicking “on the “MSN community” on the support page. This option is for quick support for the issue.
  • Select a “topic” to discuss – Go to “community page”, now “choose” the topic related to your issue. If you are unsure “click” on the “all topics”

Contact MSN Support

  • Post the question to community – “Click” on “ask a question”. Then “type” your question in to “text box”. “Select” the topic from the drop down box. And return the page for getting the response.

MSN Customer Support

24*7 hours real support for the solution of all your technical errors and queries which you are facing and to get rid of all technical hurdle, share all your minor and major issues with our technical engineers such as creating an account, recover or change the password, synchronize or compatible issue and many more.

Call @ +1-877-701-2611 (Toll-Free)